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We’ve all heard about stand up desks and how they’ve been slowly invading our workplaces one desk at a time

But how good exactly are they and can they make much of a difference to our workplace and productivity at work?

You’d be surprised.

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Here are 5 reasons to consider stand up desks in your workplace.

1. Standing helps keep your employees fit

Sitting is killing you and keeping you stationary.

By switching to a standing desk, you could burn hundreds of extra calories each day by simply standing while you work.

It’s a surprisingly good way to help your employees be more mobile and keep them fit and mentally strong.

2. They’re easy to switch back to sitting

There are electric and manual winder stand up desks you can buy that can easily be switched between sitting & standing mode. Some of our stand up desks have a powerful motor which allows them to switch within just a couple of seconds.

One of the benefits of stand up desks is that they don’t have to be just standing desks, but can easily switch as you need.

3. Standing desks help with productivity

People often think that standing desks limit how they work in the office, but the reality is that ergonomic standing desks boost productivity.

This is because comfort is often a limiting factor that stops productivity.

But if you’re able to adjust your desk to the most comfortable position for you, then you’ll be far more efficient. .

If you need to stretch your legs, you can use the powerful motor in your stand up desk and stand while you work.

Is your desk too low or high? You can even adjust it if you move to stand up desks and get the perfect typing and work position.

4. Standing desks can reduce back pain

As we said at the beginning, sitting is killing you and it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of stand up desks such as reducing back pain.

Participants in studies have shown up to a 32% improvement in lower back pain after several weeks of using a standing desk.

5. Plenty of choice for designs and sizes

Whether you want portable stand up desks or L-shaped standing desks, there are plenty of excellent choices for stand up desks and it’s no longer limited to the same few designs.

Take a look at our selection of sit stand Desks here at Urban Hyve and you’ll find that we have something that can fit your office no matter the size or design of it.

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