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It can be easy to think that an office design makeover is expensive and difficult to do, but in reality you can update your office space easily and without spending too much money. Here are five ideas for sprucing up the work environment:

Add a touch of home

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If your workers feel comfortable in their environment, they will get more work done. And how best to feel more comfortable than to make the office feel like home?

It’s easy to bring a homely touch to the workspace by purchasing some throws to place over the couches, or some cushions to dot around the place. Visit the garden store and buy some potted plants and place them around the office – not only will this make the atmosphere more welcoming, but it’s good for your health to have plants in your workspace.

If you want to encourage team collaboration, have a quick meeting to discuss what office design elements employees would like to see improved around the office. You never know what creativity could be unleashed!

Improve the carpet

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Offices often have dull carpet that’s made from hard fabric. Make the ground pop by adding a touch of high-quality carpet with a brightly coloured rug or some carpet squares. They’re softer under foot and give the office a touch of luxury.

Bright colours help stimulate employees, making them focus and work harder, plus it’ll bring some warmth to large open plan spaces. If you want to get really creative, try hanging some carpet squares on the wall to brighten up the room.

Move the furniture around

Sometimes, the cheapest and most effective way to bring a fresh change to your office design is to shift the furniture into a new place. Think of it as a team building exercise and get everyone involved in the move. Try a completely new arrangement, like sitting in circles or pulling down the cubicle walls. It’s amazing what impact little changes can have on our brainstorming and creative abilities.

Get clever with the art work

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It’s easy to purchase the standard corporate art to hang on your office walls, but why be boring? Get creative and organise a competition with your colleagues to exhibit the best art around the office. Give a prize to the winner’s work and hang it proudly on the wall.

Alternatively, you can find some great, copyright-free images online. Make them your own by cropping them or editing them with your own effects. Print them off and frame them to hang on the meeting room wall.

Change the lighting design

Harsh fluorescent lighting can really put a downer on our work environment. If you want to brighten things up a little – but with lighting that is kinder on the eye – consider using different lightbulbs. Those that are 75 watts give a nice bright hue without being blinding.

Consider adding some natural light too. See if you can pull down any signage or paper that might be stuck up on windows, or move cubicle walls to allow more natural light to flood in. Lighting has a psychological impact on us humans, and the more natural light we get throughout our workday, the better we feel and the more productive we are.

With these simple steps, you can get rid of the shabbiness of your current office space in no time at all.

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