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The Barbarian Group
Location: New York, New York

The Barbarian Group focuses on creating amazing content for the internet, and they do it from an office that features an impressive superdesk and open layout. The desk was constructed and coated with durable materials, including resin and dense fibreboard. It’s full of multipurpose pieces and envy-inducing lounging areas, one being a glitzy bar. Contemporary in style, this office builds on simplicity and stimulating color schemes.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Ansarada is a company that focuses on technology and interaction, and their team works to make the process of mergers and acquisitions easier. Keeping something old, while also making it new, was the unique challenge this space presented. Those Architects took on the project of this award-winning revamp and put serious consideration into respecting the history of the building. Once a wool store, the property in Sydney, Australia is also listed on the New South Wales Heritage Register.

The core elements of the business were used as focal points to cater to the needs of staff without major alterations to the historic property. This also allowed for more flexibility within the office and made transitioning around the workplace a more fluid experience. This inviting office offers a warm and cozy feel and uses subtle contrasts to add modern flair.

Location: San Francisco, California

Airbnb was born to connect people of all backgrounds and cultures from around the world by hosting a unique marketplace that allows users to book travel accommodations using modern technology.

Much like the travel experiences they promote, Airbnb is a company of eclectic and bohemian ideals. Their staff can breathe easy, surrounded by large windows and the unpredictable decor that’s meant to show cultural appreciation and creative freedom. The architectural design is meant for transparency for more open communication, while showing a love for the beauty of scenery, apparent through the intentional views of the San Francisco skyline from the office.

Location: San Francisco, California

One visit to the San Francisco office for Dropbox and you can see that this company values its employees. It hosts a visually aware environment, based on themes and functionality. There is enough room for newcomers as the company grows, but its workstations are set up to maintain an air of intimacy with fun lounging options included. As if the ceiling wasn’t intriguing enough, the office takes the approach of combining isolation and collaboration so that employees can get a sense of privacy as they work together in separated spaces that coordinate well with the open office environment.

Location: San Francisco, California

Uber is the ever-popular app that lets users connect to different drivers to catch a ride almost instantly at fair prices. Staying on the go, moving forward, and reaching destinations is what Uber is all about. Once a data center for Bank of America, their headquarters are designed to tell the story of the company.

Along with leather and raw steel, all of the materials used to construct this office are opulent and show regal elegance to impress clients and staff on a daily basis. True to its brand, the office keeps tabs on Uber cars using a large, interactive screen. The arrangement of multifunctional pieces is another part of the visual displays at these headquarters, helping to “drive” the team.

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