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If you’ve never considered switching to standing desks in your office, you might after reading this. We’ve all heard that movement is the key to our health and happiness, but for most of us who are stuck at our desks all day, it can be hard to get moving.

Sitting for extended periods of time is seriously bad for our health. That leaves people who work in offices at increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and early death (I bet that made you want to stand up).

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One way that will give you the freedom of finding your balance between sitting and standing is investing in a standing desk. You might have heard or seen people use a standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, height adjustable desk, or sit-stand desk.

10 Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Lowers Risk of Weight Gain

Now before we get too excited, NO a standing desk won’t shed you kilos of fat and transform your body the way a gym would. In my eyes, this is just plain common sense. However, sitting burns fewer calories than what standing does.

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If you stand for longer periods of time during the day you will maximise the calories burnt therefore lowering your risk of weight gain. Now that’s something to be happy about!

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Following on from lowered risk of weight gain, a sit-stand desk is also beneficial for a healthy heart! Standing burns more calories as we already know, but it also gets our hearts working harder to circulate blood upward.

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Most researchers agree that sitting, standing and walking all in moderation throughout your working day is the best way to stay healthy. Height adjustable desks are great for switching it up. You have options to sit or stand.

Reduce Back Pain

Most people who work in office jobs complain of back pain usually caused by sitting down all day long. Not to mention those who suffer from chronic back pain. Standing desks encourage individuals to maintain the correct S-curve, which reduces strain and added stress for those with back and neck pain.

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Height adjustable desks essentially help reduce back pain by improving posture to avoid slouching over your desk as you would sit down in comparison to standing. Individuals who suffer from existing back pain will find standing desks will definitely reduce the stress on their back.

Improves Mood and Energy Levels

Not only does sitting down all day hurt your health, posture and body mechanics, but it’s also hurting your mind and efficiency.

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Stand up desks have the ability to reduce tiredness amongst workers and increase energy level and mood. Why? By standing during the day, we’re able to keep energy levels constant and up. We aren’t hitting 3 pm slumps by doing this, and you’ll feel overall much happier.

Boosts Productivity Using Standing Desks

There have been countless studies on stand up desks and the results speak for themselves. A research published in the British Medical Journal in 2018 found that 43 per cent of those who swapped their usual seat for a standing desk reported their performance had improved after a year. It also found that 52 per cent of those using standing desks felt more engaged at work after a year.

Increases Concentration Using Standing Desks

Higher concentration on tasks. Several of our employees testing the desk noted the same psychological experience: You get to sit once you’ve completed a certain task. For example, I sat down after I finished writing this article.

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This lets you focus better, and also compartmentalize your tasks. As we know, multitasking is a productivity killer, and the standing desk effectively eliminates the urge to multitask and flip between websites, email, and other distractions.

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Stimulated creativity
  • Overall job satisfaction
  • Aesthetically pleasing in the office

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